Wednesday, April 8, 2020

What I’m Watching: Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul: Season 5, Episode 7 “JMM” (B+)

Well, that’s certainly a side of Jimmy we haven’t seen before. I thought, as I’m sure did most viewers, that looking back at the family of Lalo’s victims in the courtroom would cause Jimmy to experience a crisis of conscience, or at least a moment to consider the impact of what he was doing. Instead, he was confronted by Howard, who apologized for having upset him, and then he railed at him for not even having a concept of his new capabilities. Maybe swearing and shouting about how lightning could shoot forth from his fingertips will finally propel him to the Emmy win that’s eluded him so far? I liked this episode’s title, which saw both Jimmy and Lalo assign a new meaning to Jimmy’s initials as his real identity slowly slips away and he becomes the lawyer he’s invented. I really like the arrangement he and Kim made that anytime Jimmy has the urge to not tell her something, he immediately will. Her response to his potentially being a friend of the cartel was very analytical, reviewing the implications and looking at it in a straightforward manner. She also delivered a blistering takedown of Kevin that he promptly dismissed, which made it considerably less satisfying. This episode was particularly appealing because it featured every character, giving us an update of Gus’ work (as well as his familiar bosses Peter and Lydia) and allowing him to physically light the flame to burn down his restaurant so that he can continue to delude Lalo into believing that he’s not onto him. It’s affirming to see Mike back to work, assuring his daughter-in-law that he’s much better. I most enjoyed Jimmy pretending to be in a tunnel when Mike called, only to open the door to find him there. Also, congratulations to the happy couple! Never has a marriage felt so purely legal.

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