Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Take Three: Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob: Season 1, Episode 3 “Poker Faces” (B+)

As expected, Joanna did take the case, which is a good thing since Cherry Jones always plays intense, determined characters and she’s not going to back down in her pursuit of justice for her client. She knew exactly what to say to each of them, particularly to Laurie, who had only been tangentially exposed to these kind of proceedings, and Andy, who was on the other side of it for the first time. It was a relief that the judge categorically denied Neal’s absurdly high request for bail, which assures that Jacob can at least be with his parents while this all happens instead of sitting in prison. Andy’s role is what’s complicating matters so much, as evidenced by Lynn explaining that she would usually ask Andy’s advice on what statement to make, which she of course can’t do now since he’s the subject of that very statement. Requesting files from Paula on another suspect wasn’t a smart move, and it was even worse that Paula opted to give them to him since that will surely come back to haunt both of them later. Andy’s family history revelation hit both his wife and son the wrong way, and it’s only going to serve as additional ammunition to make Jacob seem guilty. The fact that he’s spending his time playing shooting games online seems irresponsible and highly suspicious. Laurie and Andy obviously feel very differently about Jacob’s childhood, and they’re both unraveling as a result of the increased shunning they’re experiencing from their friends and colleagues.

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