Sunday, April 19, 2020

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace (Penultimate Episode)

Will and Grace: Season 11, Episode 17 “New Crib” (B-)

This episode was moderately entertaining, but it was very obviously a setup for all of the characters to move out of New York City and be able to move to a small town that now happens to be named after one of them. I do totally believe that Grace would be well-versed in showing up to open houses for the free food and, now that she’s pregnant, to be able to use the bathroom. I’d think that Will would be used to it by now, and that he wouldn’t have to resort to theater games to keep things interesting. Yvette Nicole Brown from “Community” had fun with her part of the realtor who knew exactly what they were up to and managed to get herself an offer for the house from two people who weren’t actually looking. Jack getting his hands stuck in the mold after being recognized was funny if predictable, and while I was happy to recognize actress Sarah Baker from “Louie” and “The Kominsky Method,” the guest spot was hardly worthy of her talents. It’s always a treat to see Patton Oswalt, and he milked the Danley role for all he could. Karen renaming the town after herself was the greatest tribute she could get, and having all four of them relocate there isn’t such a terrible ending. These three extra years have been fine, and I’d love to see a finale that ties them all together and sends this show back into history in a great way.

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