Saturday, April 11, 2020

What I’m Watching: Good Girls

Good Girls: Season 3, Episode 8 “Nana” (C)

This was an agonizing episode in many ways, but most of the reason it was annoying won’t be a problem in the future. That’s not to suggest that these characters won’t continue to make mind-bogglingly horrible decisions on a regular basis, but that the character who unfortunately returned in this hour won’t be seen again (at least I’d hope not). I actually thought that Boomer, who beats Dean for the usually non-competitive title of worst character on this show, was dead, but apparently he was just in prison with a bunch of nonsensical tattoos on his face to make it look like he was tough. He was far too casual and irritating when he emerged and saw familiar faces there to spirit him to what he thought was Canada, and it was absurd that they indulged him, mainly because any prison escapee who would likely go immediately to see family members. And he even identified himself by name when he checked in at the front desk, but naturally the police aren’t interested in such matters since they barely exist on this show (with one exception, to be addressed momentarily). It’s not all that logical that Beth is now squared with Rio and even managed to get herself a decent cut, but I’ll accept it if it means that we never have to see Boomer again. The big twist that means this show gets another chance from me featuring a federal agent played by Lauren Lapkus from “Orange is the New Black” who knows that a woman is the one making this counterfeit money. I’m curious where that will lead and I hope it won’t be a disappointment. Annie pouring ashes all over herself was hardly the comfort she needed after Josh introduced her to his girlfriend (wife?) played by Madeline Zima from “Californication” and “The Nanny,” and I wonder if she’ll continue to see either of them even if she knows it’s not good for her.

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