Thursday, April 16, 2020

What I’m Watching: Black Monday (Mid-Season Finale)

Black Monday: Season 2, Episode 6 “Arthur Ponzarelli” (B+)

This is the last episode of this show we’ll see for a while since production hasn’t been completed on the final four episodes, and so Showtime decided to cut this show down from two episodes a week to just one and end it now until it can somehow resume filming. I had read in the press release that this would come at a natural break in the story, and that’s definitely true: the stage has been set as it would typically be at the end of a season for Mo and Keith to stage their own takedowns of Dawn and Blair with all four of them having different motivations and goals. After all of this and what she did to him, Mo still cares about Dawn and wants to make sure she’s protected, and he was genuinely disappointed that she took the money from Dulé Hill’s Marcus since it might implicate her in criminal activities down the road. He also followed Blair and either purposely or unintentionally misconstrued Blair’s affair with Roger as something much more illicit than it was, which he’ll use to pin all of the blame on him. Keith had no trouble getting his job back by blackmailing Blair, and he’s getting quite close to the man who got him out of prison, who may be felled by his jealous recovering brother. I did enjoy that both Blair and Mo stole successive cabs from a woman who thought they were helping her into the car, a feat Keith tried to pull off too but didn’t manage to execute. I’ve enjoyed this first half and a bit, and I look forward to this show’s return for the rest of the season, whenever that may be.

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