Tuesday, April 7, 2020

What I’m Watching: Black Monday

Black Monday: Season 2, Episode 4 “Fore!” (B+)

This episode, for all its absolute absurdity, really was pretty funny. I loved the casting of June Diane Raphael from “Grace and Frankie,” who also happens to be the real-life wife of Paul Scheer, who plays Keith, as Corky. Dawn finding out that her father was the pastor who invented the term “pray the gay away” and her villainizing of token conservative Nancy Reagan for marrying Ronald Reagan after he divorced, only made the situation more worrisome, particularly because Corky wanted to connect Dawn with that powerful father of hers for business opportunities. Blair misinterpreting Roger’s hole number as fifty-one was hilarious, and it was a relief that Dawn got there in time to hit him with the golf cart so that he wouldn’t have to pretend he knew what he was doing any longer. Roger revealing his promise to never be alone with a woman was a clear parody of Mike Pence, who actually advocates that policy and who variety series like “Saturday Night Live” often allege is secretly gay. After all this deception, it turns out Corky was just worried that her husband would leave her for another woman, not another man, which enabled both the passage of the bill and a potential new connection for Dawn. That said, everything came full-circle seconds later when Mo’s full game plan was revealed, enabling him to get revenge on everyone who screwed him over as the newscaster kept naming the bank over and over. We’ll see that fallout soon and how Mo arrives back in town eventually to take back his throne. Yassir and Wayne’s hunt for the penis photographer was totally ridiculous, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from this show.

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