Monday, April 27, 2020

What I’m Watching: Liar

Liar: Season 2, Episode 3 (B+)

It would have been too much to expect that Laura could go about her daily life right now, but being told that she needs to take a leave of absence from work while the police are at the school interrogating people was still a big blow. DI Renton is pushing harder than ever, not willing to forgive whatever horrific circumstances might have pushed Laura to the act she’s so certain she committed. Katy didn’t help matters too much, creating further complications, and now Laura has one more person she’s mad at who then can’t be a support system for her. It seemed rather cut-and-dry that Winnie calling Laura about Carl’s disappearance and the suspected arson that he was on the run because he killed Andrew, and it turns out that’s what he thought too. Laura and Winnie were convinced that Jennifer was lying when they spoke to her, and we now have such an interconnected web of deceit that it would be hard to imagine some of these non-murderers not getting implicated in some way when the real killer is finally caught. The flashback showing Carl throwing Andrew off the boat was damning, but his terrifying confrontation with Laura just a short time later proved that he, while guilty of attempted murder, was not in fact that one who ended his life. I’m not sure how many suspects there are left, but it is true that he hurt a lot of people, making a case for whoever killed him to be viewed more favorably than most murderers.

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