Sunday, April 12, 2020

What I’m Watching: Dispatches from Elsewhere

Dispatches from Elsewhere: Season 1, Episode 7 “Cave of Kelpius” (B+)

The illusion is beginning to fade away as reality is revealed, and our friends remain convinced that there is still something grand and mysterious at play. The two teams meeting like religious cults to demand the return of the prisoner Clara that neither had felt very staged, and Commander 14 taking off his prosthetics and standing next to Octavio no stage was hardly a surprise at this point since Richard E. Grant portrays them both and Fredwynn had already surmised as much. Peter jumping on stage to try to save Clara despite her clearly just being an actress burst the bubble for everyone, and made it seem briefly like everything was going to return to banal normalcy. Janice being complimented and then compared to a sleeping grandmother before being judged by her angry younger self prompted her to leave since she truly felt alone, and now she may have come closest to the truth by correctly identifying the architect, who told her that Clara is really dead and it’s all her fault. I enjoyed Fredwynn relating to the Clara actress after he tried to threaten the clueless Octavio actor with a serious of lawsuits, and the camera zooming out to him watching a whole bunch of televisions of scenes happening helped to express how he perceives and analyzes the world differently from most. Elegant Sasquatch was quite the matchmaker in this hour, convincing Simone of her feelings for Peter and in turn spurring Peter to action for a touching romantic musical number. Their dancing was cut short by Fredwynn, who I assume will still be too late to find Janice just as she’s uncovered the latest clue.

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