Sunday, April 26, 2020

What I’m Watching: Brockmire

Brockmire: Season 4, Episode 6 “The Hall” (B+)

Well, I suppose it’s too much to hope for that we’d be able to see Amanda Peet and Reina Hardesty sharing the screen in more than just one episode as Jules and Beth after last week’s installment. We first met Beth as a precocious young woman who learned all the best things from her father, saw her evolve in not entirely fantastic ways over the years thanks to other influences, and then return seemingly fine in the previous episode only to get blackout drunk thanks to Jules’ alcohol training. Beth came at him very angry, sporting his least favorite hairstyle just to throw him off, ready to take him down by listing the many things he had done wrong over the course of his life. He’s improved as a person, and therefore he wanted to win her over, and saying that he cared more about being with her than getting an honor he had waited his entire life for was a sweet sentiment that ultimately helped him to succeed in convincing her that he deserved some degree of forgiveness. Joe Buck being present and preparing to introduce him while pointing out that he was Brockmire’s best friend at this point (but not the other way around) was a blow that threatened to make him revert to his old self, but he mostly resisted the temptation. Knowing Janet’s name the entire name and the whole thing with Limon sending people to deliver hugs and other comforting physical content made for entertaining moments as well.

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