Sunday, April 26, 2020

What I’m Watching: Little Fires Everywhere (Penultimate Episode)

Little Fires Everywhere: Season 1, Episode 7 “Picture Perfect” (B+)

This was an intense ordeal of an episode, one that returned to a present that found every member of the Richardson and Warren families grappling with unpleasant revelations and realities. The one flashback was highly informative of much of what we’ve been seeing play out in the background over the course of this entire show, explaining that Izzy was indeed involved in a relationship with another girl at school that came to a crushing end when she panicked and shunned her after it was nearly revealed at a party. Seeing her disown and embarrass Izzy once again after her stunt at school was harsh, but nothing compared to the hurt caused by Elena taking the time to cut Izzy out of every photo because she wouldn’t wear the shoes she wanted. Telling Pearl what Mia did was also unforgivable, and that look in Mia’s eyes at the end of the episode indicates that she won’t just let this go. Testifying on Bebe’s behalf even after Elena threatened her was brave, and Elena was furious that her husband didn’t drop the bombshell he had. His comment that people like Bebe don’t win was cruel, and he’s also undergoing his own metamorphosis as he starts to see what Elena hasn’t been telling him. Lexie’s breakup was an inevitability, and she doesn’t seem to be learning much from each intolerant remark she continues to make. Trip not telling Moody about his relationship with Pearl is surely a mistake, and that parting shot of the four children sitting angrily on the couch was haunting. I really hope some of these young performers, particularly Lexi Underwood, who plays Pearl, can earn awards attention.

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