Saturday, April 4, 2020

What I’m Watching: Brockmire

Brockmire: Season 4, Episode 2 “Three Year Contract” (B+)

I guess one of the benefits of a show being in its final season is that it really can do whatever it wants since the end is known and firmly in sight. I expected that we’d see the immediate aftermath of Beth being followed by her father to school, but instead we got three quick spurts of the three years after that, all set on opening day of the sport that only Brockmire seems to love anymore. After seeing his enthusiastic participation in the commercial for a medication to combat “content fatigue,” a truly future-facing syndrome, we saw Brockmire exhibit whatever energy he could muster for his failed attempts to revive the ailing state of baseball. Multi-colored bats really weren’t quite as thrilling as they should have been, and it was hilarious to see the games going on forever because players were taking too long to just pick a bat. Batty the Mascot was also pretty terrible. As in the season premiere, Brockmire’s time spent with his daughter, who is now studying “content pod creation,” was the best part of the episode, as we saw her drifting further and further away, even on their manufactured holiday that was “part Christmas, part Fourth of July, and one hundred percent Brockmire.” I love that the Limone was able to make Brockmire eggs and even guess what word he was thinking of wrong on purpose so that he’d eat something. It was great to see Charles again for a moment, and he’s learned by now that it’s not good to be around when his former boss hatches a hair-brained scheme.

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