Friday, April 24, 2020

What I’m Watching: Dispatches from Elsewhere (Penultimate Episode)

Dispatches from Elsewhere: Season 1, Episode 9 “The Creator” (B)

Our series of shifting narrators continues with Fredwynn as the one telling the story now, focusing on Peter for a bit before moving on to the rest of the team. Peter was awfully combative in therapy even though he realized right after that he was just mad at himself, and I like that he decided that he liked cake and pie equally. The passage of time felt almost dreamlike as we saw Simone get into dance exercise and then run into Peter when he was treating himself to many indulgences, including the hats he liked but didn’t like wearing as he was preparing to graduate from magic school. While he did nearly drown during his big performance, he made up for it with his romantic list of things he likes that all happened to be things Simone did. Seeing them spend time together and celebrate their game-aversary with an unexpected gift from her to him was sweet, and it put them in the right frame of mind to get back into the game at the moment they needed. Janice was having a tough time coping with Lev’s death and her loneliness, leading to more fascinating conversations with her younger self, but she was in a good place when she came to pull Fredwynn out of the catatonic state he had worked himself into by obsessing so much. Watching the flashback with Lee assuming Clara’s identity to present her big idea was heartbreaking, and I’m so curious about what’s to come in the conclusion.

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