Monday, April 27, 2020

What I’m Watching: Better Things

Better Things: Season 4, Episode 9 “Batceañera” (B+)

This show really is so unique, featuring an event that’s already been acknowledged as a relatively appropriate form of cultural appropriation in a way that feels just as surreal as so much of this season has. Starting with what seemed like an imagined scene and was in fact something she was filming was a great way to open this installment that largely didn’t feature big speeches or major moments, but instead memorable snippets from the evening. Xander showing up changed the mood considerably, and it was great to see Rich respond to being called the wrong name by telling him how proud he is when people so often mistake him for the girls’ father. Jeff was able to say all the right things to Sam in that moment, which makes the notion of their flirtation being discovered by Sunny very worrisome. Xander making a speech was awfully bold, and Sam was right to invite him to join them for dinner even though it’s highly likely that he won’t show up for it. Duke expressing such displeasure at the idea of doing what Sam wanted towards the end of the episode was indeed a confirmation that her nicest daughter has officially turned into just another seemingly ungrateful and totally uncooperative child. It wasn’t the focus of this episode, but I enjoyed the brief exchange between Marion, Caroline, and Phyl that featured biting comments about cheese, pronunciation, and other things they just couldn’t agree on since it’s more fun for them to argue all the time.

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