Thursday, April 30, 2020

What I’m Watching: Killing Eve

Killing Eve: Season 3, Episode 3 “Meetings Have Biscuits” (B+)

Villanelle is working a lot lately, and she’s enjoying the many ways in which she can creatively kill her targets, choosing fanciful methods of execution since she doesn’t currently have much of an audience. Her delight at watching the maid wince every time she held the knife in the direction of the baby was entertaining, and Dasha was awfully casual about placing the baby in the trash can (fortunately, that story had a happy ending for the baby and his surviving parent). One of the most fascinating elements of this show that’s been building it first started is the relationship between its two protagonists, and I loved that Villanelle went from initially recording “I should have shot you in the head and watched you die” to “I can’t stop thinking about you” on the toy bear. Her encounter with Eve on the bus was intense, with a surprising kiss from Eve merely a distraction so that she could headbutt her and, but that final scene with Eve replaying the “Admit it, Eve, you wish I was here” suggests that there was indeed some part of her that was glad to see the woman who ruined her life. It was a harrowing time for Carolyn as she nearly got executed and instead had a bullet graze her that killed someone else, but she has her own way of dealing with things, including thinking in the bath with other people present. I like that Villanelle just crawled into Konstantin’s bed now that she’s back in town, and I’m curious what he’s going to do now that she’s returned.

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