Tuesday, April 14, 2020

What I’m Watching: Indebted (Penultimate Episode)

Indebted: Season 1, Episode 11 “Everybody's Talking About Kings And Queens” (C)

This show hasn’t been officially cancelled, but I’m presuming that, in an era where even successful and well-regarded shows now have uncertain futures, this one definitely won’t be back. This episode was indicative of why the show really isn’t worth keeping around, since the actors seem to be having fun but the plot is definitely lacking. I had a feeling that Susie Pollock hadn’t actually died, but the way in which Deb speaks is an incredible exaggeration of the real-life tendency of many people to start telling stories about someone in an accident or in the hospital without leading with the crucial disclaimer that they made it through okay. Deb’s decision to become a life coach after a forty-five-minute class was something that even she should have realized wouldn’t make any sense, and it’s hard to believe that both Dave and Rebecca opted to listen to her. She’s also perfectly capable of convincing people to do things they’re not sure they should, and hasn’t needed the assistance of alcohol in the past to do so. Stew’s antics at Joanna’s pet supplies store were equally far-fetched, in part because he was coming up with ideas for preexisting toys and gadgets that were literally on the walls in front of him and because it was already very recently established that Deb and Stew are very similar and would do better to just talk to each other when they’re feeling antsy about the future. There’s just one episode left – will it redeem the show?

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