Monday, April 20, 2020

Take Three: Home Before Dark

Home Before Dark: Season 1, Episode 3 “Sting Like a Bee” (B)

This was a perfectly adequate episode, but also the last one I’ll be watching right now since this show just isn’t at the top of my watchlist right now. I still think that Brooklynn Prince is excellent and that this is absolutely the right role for her, and the narrative is also becoming more interesting as we learn more about the dark past of this town. Michael Weston is an actor who often plays affable characters but is also very well-known for his portrayal of the kidnapper who traumatized and terrorized Michael C. Hall’s David on “Six Feet Under.” Frank seemed friendly enough as he took care of Matt’s father, but pulling them over after they got turned away from the prison revealed his much darker side. Matt got more drunk than he’s apparently ever been after confronting him at the bar, and when Matt realized that he had proof that Frank had lied, things turned violent as the episode closed out. Bridget may have a better understanding of her husband’s mindset now, but she doesn’t know the people the way he does. Hilde circumventing the rules to videochat with the inmate who wanted to speak with her was clever if a bit far-fetched, and him calling Kim by name as she rushed over to turn the call off was another reminder of just how small this town is. Izzy stood up for herself when her not-so-brave deserter tried to apologize, but she seemed okay with his admittedly embarrassing story about having been bitten by a poodle.

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