Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Emmy Nominees: Best Writing for a Drama Series

My predictions: 4/7

The nominees: Bad Choice Road (Better Call Saul), Bagman (Better Call Saul), Aberfan (The Crown), All In (Ozark), Boss Fight (Ozark), Fire Pink (Ozark), This Is Not for Tears (Succession)

I thought there were supposed to be eight nominations in this category, which was my first mistake. My second I’m willing to forgive, which is that I predicted another episode of Succession that wasn’t on the ballot, so I’m giving myself credit for that being correct. Three nominations for Ozark after none the first two seasons is quite a surprise, and it does seem like a bit much, especially considering I was only really into “Fire Pink” of the three. “Aberfan” is an excellent hour, typical of The Crown, and the two nominated episodes of Better Call Saul actually add insult to injury for Bob Odenkirk’s snub since his performance makes those installments, not just the writing.

What should win? I’d probably choose “Aberfan” or “Bad Choice Road.”
What will win? I think Succession defends its title.

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