Wednesday, July 29, 2020

What I’m Watching: Stateless

Stateless: Season 1, Episode 4 “Run Sofie Run” (B+)

It’s definitely an unsettling time to be watching protests reenacted even on fictional television shows, but that’s part of why this series does feel very relevant. Clare had an entire riot police force ready to deal with the protests, which weren’t all that big but still had a major impact, if only because they distracted her and the KORVO officers from the escape happening at the same time. Her conversations with David really are enlightening. After dealing with the nun in the previous episode, Cam was once again in a very uncomfortable position as he had to contend with the fact that his sister was actively helping the escapees get away and hide and sending them information on where to go next. It’s possible that he really did think that getting them back into the facility right away before they met a worse fate after being on the run was the better option, but them being put in isolation immediately after he called in their location didn’t feel like a good result. It’s dizzying to see the story of how Sofie got there play out at the same time as she was running yet again, and it was disturbing for Margot to learn that, when she reported her sister missing, Gordon and Pat’s mysterious organization was already under investigation. Sofie should have said more to her sister when she called, but it’s clear that she doesn’t feel safe doing that, even if her family could attract protect her. Now she’s hearing the music, which might make her feel more secure even if it suggests she’s losing her grip on reality.

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