Monday, July 20, 2020

What I’m Watching: Space Force

Space Force: Season 1, Episode 8 “Conjugal Visit” (B+)

Well, Mark did get to have the conjugal visit with his wife that he was denied a few episodes ago, and it didn’t go the way he thought. I like that, when he’s not expressing stupid ideas, Mark has a real sincerity to him. He wasn’t at all okay with the idea of being in an open relationship until he understood that this is what Maggie really wanted, especially because she’s not going to be out of prison for a while for whatever unknown crime got her there in the first place. I like that Erin had fun running while she was talking with her mother’s friend, and that it reminded her of how much she missed track and that her mother had more friends than her in this new place. I was very excited to see Angela and Chan spending more time together as he drove her to the eye appointment. Their debates about what she could and couldn’t see and his dancing to the K-Pop were a lot of fun, and I hope that their relationship continues to progress. Adrian is often the drollest part of this show, and that was certainly true here as he had to work with two of the less competent people on staff, Tony and Brad. It wasn’t them who had him rolling his eyes but the interview applicants, and hearing what their two chosen candidates had to say about sex and the moon was pretty horrifying in its absolutely mind-boggling stupidity, which is unfortunately all too often on display on this show.

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