Thursday, July 23, 2020

What I’m Watching: Space Force

Space Force: Season 1, Episode 9 “It's Good to be Back on the Moon” (B+)

This episode’s humorous moments outweighed its stupid ones, though it’s also worth noting that some of the material directly mocking governmental figures and policies may be less funny because of how painstakingly real so much of it is. Tony telling each reporter how terrible their questions were during the press conference was one such example, and I like that one of the astronauts started to raise his hand to ask a question, which Angela quickly stopped him from doing. There were plenty of warning signs that this crew was not prepared during the relatively hasty launch, and after a few of the astronauts tried to bail, Adrian’s bafflement at Pella having apparently bought tickets to something that she wanted refunded was fantastic. Mark ripped Tony’s head off for not having done even minimal vetting on any of them, and his request for any incriminating history resulted in a flood of terrible information he absolutely should have known. Adrian got shot down by the Chinese scientist who denied that Apollo 11 actually happened and confused his last name for that of a mallard, while Mark’s overly polite conversation with the Chinese general accomplished little. He was of course stressed out by Erin’s very negative reaction to his overnight date with Kelly, which went well despite an awkward start. It was nice to see Angela asking Chan for help deciding what to say when she took her moonwalk, and accidentally saying “It’s good to be Black on the moon” was pretty terrific. There’s just one episode left and Mark is on the warpath, and I’m looking forward to it, particularly because there’s still no absolute confirmation of a second season, despite some reports that it’s been renewed.

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