Saturday, July 25, 2020

Take Three: The Capture

The Capture: Season 1, Episode 3 “Truffle Hog” (B+)

Ron Perlman’s Agent Frank Napier came into focus in this episode, and he seemed to be enjoying pulling the strings with Shaun a bit too much, eagerly ordering the removal of fingers and encouraging him to panic and yell when he thought that the police were right above where he was and could save him. The theatrics he was using were evidently to unnerve Shaun, and what made it all more complicated and intriguing was that he was asking where Hannah was, something he should have known if he was the one who doctored the footage so that it would look like Shaun had hit and taken her. On top of that, when he was crafty and managed to break out of the trunk of the moving car, Shaun ended up reuniting with Mat, who had all of his fingers and gave him a car that had Hannah’s body in the trunk. The hope is that Rachel has put together who she can and can’t trust – which includes the initially kindly Gemma whose demeanor changed when she saw how much Rachel was pushing – and is going to try to find Shaun to get on the same page with him about how CCTV footage is being manipulated and used to implicate people in crimes they didn’t commit. Rachel’s conduct is obviously not as secret as she’d like given the comment about Hart being available when she needed him, and the concern is that, as she digs deeper, she’ll become the target of the latest faked footage making her seem guilty of something.

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