Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Emmy Nominees: Best Writing for a Comedy Series

My predictions: 2/7

The nominees: Whenever You’re Ready (The Good Place), The Great (The Great), Happy Ending (Schitt’s Creek), The Presidential Suite (Schitt’s Creek), Collaboration (What We Do in the Shadows), Ghosts (What We Do in the Shadows), On the Run (What We Do in the Shadows)

Well, if it helps, I only got one right in this category last year, so I’m improving! I did not foresee the love for What We Do in the Shadows, though at least it helps to explain its shocking Best Comedy Series nomination (it’s one of the shows I have to watch now). I didn’t foresee Schitt’s Creek doing so well, but I know its fans are thrilled. The first episode of The Great and the last episode of The Good Place are great inclusions that I’m very happy to see.

What should win? I haven’t seen almost half of these, so I won’t comment now.
What will win? I think Schitt’s Creek triumphs here for its series finale.

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