Sunday, July 26, 2020

Take Three: Intelligence

Intelligence: Season 1, Episode 3 (B)

I’m glad that Christine isn’t actually letting Jerry get too ahead of her, refusing to confirm that it was a drill and then telling him it was at the end even though it actually wasn’t. The most entertaining part of this show continues to be Nick Mohammed as Joseph, whose program to determine if the person was a male or a woman reminded me of Jian Yang’s “hot dog or not hot dog” program on “Silicon Valley.” I especially enjoyed that the results that said that there was a forty percent chance it was a man probably meant that there was a sixty percent chance it was a woman. It’s disconcerting that Joseph never got a response about doing the security updates and then just didn’t do anything about it, and it is very true that he rarely gets assigned anything that’s actually important due to his clearly demonstrated incompetence (and the fact that he doesn’t seem like a human, as per Jerry). I loved the argument that you should deliver good news first so there’s a chance the person won’t hear the bad news. Evelyn sounding more serious about the Chinese food being thirty minutes late than the update on the situation was an example of how relatively incompetent this team was, and I liked that two of Jerry’s suspects were the same person and one of them was from a commercial. I’m not too fond of Quentin, who adds nothing but creepiness, and, though she’s an eternal punching bag, Mary does seem happy to go along with such experiments as how big her neck can get.

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