Friday, July 24, 2020

What I’m Watching: Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol: Season 2, Episode 7 “Dumb Patrol” (B+)

This show always has something new in store, barely addressing the fact that Dorothy went to space and instead moving on to the next invading element. Opening a box that had many warnings about not opening it plastered on each side was hardly a surprising move, and they saw the purple mist emit from it and didn’t think much of it even though it very clearly affected them almost right away. I most enjoyed Larry’s less sensible self, eager to operate on Roni because he was already wearing a lab coat and introducing himself to the scants as Dr. Larry Trainor before noting that it didn’t sound quite right. Interestingly, he noted that Jane had once told him neve to ask her other personalities for favors, but that was the only smart thing that he did in this entire episode. Miranda was absolutely the best asset for the team, complimenting Rita when she had a chance to meet her and making pancakes as an apology to Dorothy, who of course was still in space. When the queen marveled that she was immune to the scantification, her transformation was epic, and she took those scants out and exploded them with precision and ease. Though this incident and everything she saw made for quite a head trip, Roni seemed okay with the idea of continuing to do whatever it is she’s doing with Vic, which is good. The Beard Hunter had an entertaining appearance, painting himself white so that the scants couldn’t find him, not that it worked because the group of people right behind him popped out to introduce themselves. Cliff having to record a shout-out video every time he wanted to make a call was a lot, but he ended up with a surprise visitor in the form of Clara, which was unexpected and may end up being a wonderful thing for him. The Chief’s trip north did not go well, and it’s never good when he has to call Kipling for a sobering acknowledgment of reality.

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