Monday, July 20, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Politician

The Politician: Season 2, Episode 6 “What’s in the Box?” (B)

I wouldn’t describe this show as particularly consistent, often dropping devices entirely and then randomly returning to them at an unexpected moment. I remember liking that the school play was “Assassins” in season one as it related so directly what was going on with the school election, and the way in which history’s most famous and wildest tiebreakers were executed felt a lot like that. This show embraces its absurdity and doesn’t question how its characters look at the world in such a crazy way, babbling intellectual nonsense as quickly as possible so that they can all get out their ideas each episode. Calculating how to best secure a victory after their tie was an entertaining if ridiculous endeavor, especially when it came to going to prison to ask Ricardo how to scientifically win at Rock, Paper, Scissors. Infinity suddenly showing up with a stolen ballot box felt very counterproductive to everything about the campaign they were trying to look like they were running, though I guess she’s not actually affiliated with it. I did laugh at her reference to how the Weather Underground was already taken as a name. Now that Georgina has won her election, she was very helpful in guiding Payton towards what he was always going to choose, which is to win at all costs. I hardly feel like we’re ready for the season finale, and I don’t want to search for news of a third season for fear of spoiling something. Hopefully a mere seven episodes will feel satisfying since that’s only one fewer than there were in season one.

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