Wednesday, July 15, 2020

What I’m Watching: Stargirl

Stargirl: Season 1, Episode 9 “Brainwave” (B)

Henry’s abilities are manifesting themselves quite rapidly, and it’s very convenient that his father left behind all of those tapes about how he gave himself his powers and realized what he was capable of after each confrontation he experienced. I’m glad that the characters on this show aren’t wasting all that much time and are trying to directly confront the problems in their lives. That didn’t help Courtney since Henry was able to read her mind the moment she walked in the room and learn, without context, that she was responsible for putting her father in a coma, which means he’s not going to be inclined to trust her. Brainwave was back up and conscious at the end of the episode, but the expression on his face indicated that maybe he doesn’t remember quite as much about his past as we might have thought. Yolanda wasn’t even willing to consider teaming up with Henry after the way he treated her, and she came at him hot as Wildcat in the hospital room, where was immediately able to tell who she was. It was good to see Rick and Beth slow down and work together rather than respond only with violence, and to consult Pat for help since he does have considerably more experience with all of this. I’m proud that Courtney deduced almost right away that Jordan was Icicle when he touched the scalding dish right out of the oven, and maybe she’ll be able to reach Cameron in a better way than Henry before he’s clued in to what his father really does. And at least it’s finally time for Barbara to find out what Pat and Courtney have been up to all this time!

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