Wednesday, July 22, 2020

What I’m Watching: Perry Mason

Perry Mason: Season 1, Episode 5 “Chapter Five” (B+)

From the friends I know who have taken the bar, it’s not quite that easy, but I guess things were different back in 1932. Getting direct tutelage from the Assistant District Attorney, played by Justin Kirk from “Weeds” and “Kidding,” certainly helped, as did the fact that the test hadn’t been updated since 1923. This was an unexpected development that changes the course of this show, but it makes some sense since Perry has always been interested in justice, even if he hasn’t been in that role on any of his cases until now. Della was on to the replacement hand-picked by Maynard, who wasted no time in reporting his findings directly back to his boss, who just happened to be representing the other side in this particular case. Sending Perry in to be her lawyer isn’t going to be smooth, but it’s absolutely the right choice given the alternative. Emily is lucky to have Alice on her side, getting the bail money from the board and taking her to Charlie’s grave. Pete is gathering plenty of dirt on Ennis, but I think that the corrupt cop is going to be too powerful for him and Perry to take down. Paul is certainly seeing the difficulty of his own success, and maybe he’ll end up taking the stand to make the difference he knows he can. Up north, Perry had an unusual opportunity to be in his ex-wife’s good graces and to see his son, but, as usual, the pull of his work was more urgent than time with his family.

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