Wednesday, July 29, 2020

What I’m Watching: Stargirl

Stargirl: Season 1, Episode 11 “Shining Knight” (B)

It’s hard to suspend disbelief when watching this show since we obviously know that Courtney isn’t going to be killed by Brainwave, and that there’s only so much time that the heroes and the villains can know exactly who their enemies are and not act against them. Courtney definitely isn’t the same bright-eyed teenager she was, and meeting the man claiming to be her father – who we’re still not convinced he is – was an absolute letdown since he showed that he was only interested in money and not being there for her in the way that she needed. I like actor Geoff Stults, who previously starred in “The Finder” (a great show) and “Enlisted,” and he filled his part well, even managing to inspire rage in the usually docile Pat. At least Barbara and Pat are a united front now, and they could have a moderately stable ally in the form of Justin the Shining Knight, who’s just the latest figure embroiled in this justice/injustice conflict to end up in Blue Valley. It was eerie to have Brainwave delivering a sober public tribute to his dead son to the entire school while telepathically communicating to Courtney that it was her fault and she would be next. Jordan seemed to want to protect Barbara and, by extension, her family, but finding out that she knew who he was turned out to be enough to convince him to change his mind. With two episodes left, I’m not sure how much more can unfold before all-out conflict that results in some serious sustained losses to both sides.

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