Sunday, July 19, 2020

What I’m Watching: Dead to Me (Season Finale)

Dead to Me: Season 2, Episode 10 “Where Do We Go From Here” (B+)

This show never quite goes where I expect it to, and it continues to be incredibly involving along the way. Jen didn’t even get to confess for a while since Perez was opening up to her about how Michelle left, and she seemed considerably more patient with her than she’s ever been with Judy. It wasn’t so helpful that Jen couldn’t find Steve’s body, but all Perez needed was to see that text from Nick to tell her that they had bigger fish to fry, and Chief Hastings going to prison was enough of a distraction that it wasn’t going to matter all that much who went down for Steve’s death. I was very glad that Charlie did something smart for once and brought Steve’s bag to Judy, and her bringing it straight to Nick was a fantastic choice. Jen even had perfect timing to come home right before Judy told the boys that she was going away for a while, and Charlie seemed so genuinely happy to see her home safe. I was shocked to see Judy rip open all the paintings Perez was kind enough to bring to her and find boatloads of cash, and giving it to Jen to buy her house from Lorna was a great use of the money. Giving her the Wood sale was also a good way of separating Jen from Ben and his entire family, not that she could have known at the time how her connection to them would endure. Seeing Charlie being nosy once again had me worried, but instead Jen and Judy got to experience the delight of seeing the stop sign she fought so hard for before they managed to get into a car accident anyway. I legitimately have no idea what will happen now since I imagine Judy was too frazzled to see a drunk Ben pull away, but I’m absolutely on board for the third season I’m hoping will be commissioned soon.

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Linda Cardellini as Judy

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