Friday, July 31, 2020

What I’m Watching: Little Voice

Little Voice: Season 1, Episode 6 “Tell Her” (B+)

It was disorienting to see an idyllic montage of the life Bess and Ethan shared since I thought I had missed something, and it turns out it was just an imagined scenario, one that’s not going to happen because, despite his declared affection for Bess, Ethan isn’t ready to tell his girlfriend that he’s in love with someone else. That might have made things more complicated for Bess, and she could have used an anchor at this time when she kept encountering setback after setback. The obnoxious customer snapping at her and demeaning her while she was bartending was just the start, and she lashed out at Prisha when she could have relied on her for support since she wasn’t having any of her not being honest with herself about Sundeep and Ananya. After previously showing that he’s a bit annoying, Jeremy demonstrated now that he has an interest in Bess that’s not entirely professional and that, unlike the other two men vying for her affection, he’s not looking out for her at all, encouraging her to drink more and then making unnecessary comments the next day. Her dad being accused of stealing the record when an upset Louie called was especially bad timing, and Samuel paying for the “Dear Evan Hansen” cake was a kind gesture that she couldn’t appreciate in the moment. Leaving her book of songs on the subway was the worst possible ending to a terrible day, though at least she didn’t run back to the train to see it close and pull away. There have to be happier times ahead, more like what Ethan dreamed up at the start of the episode.

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