Sunday, July 26, 2020

What I’m Watching: Space Force (Season Finale)

Space Force: Season 1, Episode 10 “Proportionate Response” (B-)

When I finished watching this episode a few weeks ago, I hadn’t yet heard anything about a renewal. I Googled and found that the show had apparently been renewed, though there still doesn’t appear to be any official confirmation from Netflix or anyone involved with the show about it. Truth be told, I don’t think I would care all that much if it was cancelled, not because it was bad, but because there wasn’t anything vital or truly necessary about it. There are certain things I did find worthwhile about this show and its finale in particular, but I’ll start with what wasn’t great. Grabaston storming in and arresting Mark so that he could take charge was a brash move but I guess not that unexpected given how Mark was flagrantly ignoring calls from the Secretary of Defense, and his orders to destroy the Chinese base with wrenches were predictably unsophisticated and poorly thought-out. It’s hard to believe that no one wondered why the Chinese astronauts were traveling the other direction when they passed them en route and that no one figured out that they were going to do exactly the same thing to their base, leaving them both in a very precarious and likely deadly situation. Mark choosing to save his family instead of his astronauts was sentimental, I suppose, but I don’t get why Erin needed to escape on a bike when she could easily have just asked for a ride back at another point. And Maggie breaking out was a peculiar twist that doesn’t add much, especially since we still don’t know what crime it was that she committed. What I did like best about this episode was Chan checking in on Angela and the way that he told her he just wanted her to know something unromantic because they were on a recorded line. I wonder if a second season if this show would be slightly more sophisticated and focused – I guess we may or may not see.

Season grade: B
Season MVPs: Tawny Newsome as Angela and Jimmy O. Yang as Chan

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