Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Take Three: Stateless

Stateless: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Right Thing” (B+)

This show does a good job of making its characters complex so that it’s never clear if anyone is entirely good or bad, offering plenty of political commentary on what’s right and wrong. Clare in particular has shifted from someone who seemed to demonstrate some compassion for the people within her care only to reveal her true motivations, which are to preserve order and ensure that she does her job well with no problems reported to the higher-ups. She argued to the journalist seeking to expose the truth of what’s going on that he should be focused on the people being helped but also sent a man she promised wouldn’t be punished to isolation after he told her exactly what she needed to know. On top of that, Harriet was allowed to remain in her position even after Cam told Brian what she had done. His luck wasn’t too good since his kindness and willingness to listen to others resulted in Sharee getting seriously injured by a plate of hot food. Ameer is fortunate to have his daughter looking out for him and making sure he’s not eternally drugged. Sofie seems intent on making noise even though she’s well aware that any publicity for her is going to lead to those she’s running from having a better idea of where she is. It was chilling to see how quickly and manipulatively Gordon tried to control and gaslight Margot when she showed up asking him and Pat if they had any idea about what happened to Sofie.

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