Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Round Two: Intelligence

Intelligence: Season 1, Episode 2 (B)

I’m still trying to get a read on this show, and I don’t think this episode was much help with that. I laughed out loud multiple times, but there are also some things that are really too stupid that drag it down. The two moments that I felt certain directionless plotlines were resolved in an unexpectedly clever way were when Mary kept slapping Jerry during the game, which was nice after he had consistently treated her so horribly, and when it was revealed in the final scene that Christine was indeed attracted to someone – the custodian, not the arrogant and ceaselessly irritating Jerry. Joseph really is hapless, first permanently deleting all the files and then allowing Jerry to skew his polygraph results by attaching the sensor to his finger. I won’t comment much on the less impressive or just plain odd moments of the episode and instead focus on the parts that really made me laugh. Evelyn asking Jerry if he wanted a lamb or beef protein shake, saying she didn’t know who Brexit was, and thinking that Rupert’s PA was named Pa when that was also her position title make me think that she’s the secret MVP of this show. Joseph’s eagerness to make up his own questions rather than read the ones Christine had prepared was entertaining, and I liked his reference to Scar in “The Lion King” as someone who famously said to stick with him. Christine asking Jerry if he had always had two heartbeats was a great way of capping the ridiculousness that was the polygraph plotline. Let’s see what episode three has to offer.

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