Thursday, December 24, 2020

Round Two: The Stand

The Stand: Season 1, Episode 2 “Pocket Savior” (B-)

I’m still somewhat interested in what’s happening on this show, but I’ll admit that I’m a bit confused and I think that there may be too many characters being introduced at the same time. The bloody start in the convenience store with the accidental gunshots was one instance of a storyline that didn’t seem relevant until the end of the episode, when Flagg showed up to say hello and requisition him to be a loyal disciple. He didn’t like when he called him the devil, though he’s not exactly claiming that he’s anything else. Larry seems like an interesting protagonist, a true survivalist whose visit and thank-you gift to Harold showed a respect for others, though he hit a nerve when he asked if Frannie was there. Using the GPS on his phone to navigate through the sewers was a bit of a stretch, and it also felt like too much of a peaceful fairy tale for him to meet the perfectly-dressed Rita in the park. I do think Heather Graham is a wonderful actress and she made Rita seem sympathetic while still a bit suspicious. She and Larry were obviously on the same page when the man with a million dollars made her an offer before his friends showed up with guns to enforce the alternative option. I wouldn’t say I’m as scared of rats as most people, but that still wasn’t pleasant to watch. Board games have never seemed so threatening before, and I’m not sure I’m on board for whatever horror elements might be more prominent next, but I’m willing to give it another episode.

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