Thursday, December 10, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant: Season 1, Episode 6 “After Dark” (B+)

Cassie hasn’t done a great job of showing other people in her life that she cares about them, and it’s beginning to have severe consequences in her greatest time of need. Annie wasn’t interested in hearing what she deemed conspiracy theory nonsense because she had already been pushed to the brink by having to give someone pills to take their own life, and finding out just then that Max had been hit by a car sent her over the edge. Her scene at the hospital with the woman who wasn’t named Jessica was superb, and I sincerely hope that Zosia Mamet gets awards recognition along with the rest of this cast. Cassie showing up drunk at her apartment with Buckley only made things much worse, and there was nothing pleasant about that parting interaction. Getting arrested for trying to steal the pony wasn’t a low point necessarily but it was an important transition to Miranda getting Cassie right where she wanted her, and the only upside is that Miranda hasn’t killed her yet. Miranda did take out the agent tailing Cassie whose identity she found comforting before defending herself against an attack in her car that she put to a swift and pointed end. It’s continually fascinating to see Cassie’s memories crumbling and unraveling before her, leading her to realize that her father wasn’t the role model she thought and that her brother deserved many apologies. While Cassie was drunk and distracted earlier in the episode, Megan managed, with her son’s help, to delete the voicemail that would have been very incriminating, but the fact that her husband got called into work is not a good sign.

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