Sunday, December 27, 2020

Top 20 New Shows of 2020: #10

My annual TV Awards, the AFT Television Awards, are given out during the summer. It’s always nice to check in midway through the television season to reflect back on all the calendar year introduced us to. As 2020 closes out and 2021 begins, here’s a look back at the best new shows of the year.

#10: Ratched
I haven’t spent much time watching Ryan Murphy’s previous ventures into horror, but this show turned out to be a superb blend of insanely disturbing and immensely well-crafted. Sarah Paulson and the rest of the cast are fantastic, but the most impressive part is that it’s a prequel that feels so driven by its plot to follow events anywhere and not towards a set end. Season two is on the way – watch season one now on Netflix.

Best Episode: “Angel of Mercy
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