Friday, December 4, 2020

What I’m Watching: Valley of Tears

Valley of Tears: Season 1, Episode 8 “Preparing for the Big Battle” (B+)

Colonel Almogi’s rallying speech hit home in an important way, recognizing that circumstances were far from ideal and that this couldn’t be a time for mourning but instead for focused unity. It wasn’t a surprise that Yoni wanted to go back into battle, something that Meni was eager to discourage since he had come there specifically to make sure that his son was safe. What I’m not sure I would have predicted – and what speaks to the humorously casual and improvisational nature of Israeli culture in general – was Meni going with him, acting as the tank commander only because that was the lone responsibility that didn’t require any training. What he saw at the end of the episode was indeed intense and left things off on a very serious note after their more low-key and light-hearted expedition. Melakhi also had a heartfelt moment with his sister, begging her to forgive him and then leaning on Dafna as he wrestled with the guilt of abandoning his brother who sacrificed himself so that they could all live and whose fate will certainly not be good. Dafna’s ex also had his own confession, one that was supportive of the feelings she had for another man and a recognition that he would ultimately be good for her, should he survive given the lack of any direct efforts to go and rescue him. It’s good to see Avinoam’s attitude shift to one of defiance after for so long advocating for this conflict’s inevitability and to see how he fiercely he wants to be loyal to Yoav.

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