Sunday, December 6, 2020

What I’m Watching: Shameless (Season Premiere)

Shameless: Season 11, Episode 1 “This is Chicago!” (A-)

I remember thinking that the next season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” would be great because there wasn’t another comedy that could handle the coronavirus pandemic in a better way, but I forgot about what this show could do. The only other show I’m currently watching that’s dealing with our present state of affairs is “This Is Us,” and I love how this episode made everything about what’s happened as a result of the pandemic. Opening with Frank mocking social distancing and deeming himself an essential worker was terrific, and of course he’s someone who would believe that it was all a hoax. Kev and Veronica selling weed at the Alibi now that it’s legal isn’t nearly as monumental as the fact that they’re – unsurprisingly – secretly open when all bars and restaurants are supposed to be closed. The biggest effect that’s felt for all of them is the strain on money since the economy is doing poorly and they’re all struggling, and all that Tami wants is to spend more on things that Lip is cleverly able to trick her into not realizing that he’s substituting much cheaper options. Debs being a registered sex offender didn’t cause her trouble for long, and now she’s going to end up with plenty of jobs thanks to the Instagram profile Sandy set up for her. Marriage isn’t all that easy for Ian and Mickey, whose perspectives when it comes to both money and monogamy are apparently very different. I’m enjoying seeing Carl as a cop mostly on the straight and narrow, and I don’t have much to say about Tony and Kermit’s bathroom rendezvous other than that I appreciate this show’s investment in its recurring players. I’m very excited for the rest of this season, even though I’m very sad that it’s the show’s last.

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