Monday, December 21, 2020

Take Three: Your Honor

Your Honor: Season 1, Episode 3 “Part Three” (B)

There’s something excessively overdramatic about much of this show’s scenes and characters, and I feel like I might be more genuinely interested if I encountered some of them within the framework of a different plotline. Michael is taking a lot of ill-advised steps to cover up the truth, including posing as a man tracking his unfaithful wife so that he could delete the security footage at the gas station and calling the sheriff to institute protective custody for Kofi. Running and hiding nearby so that he could actually watch Rocco’s funeral seemed like the worst decision of all, though he managed to perform well under pressure when Nancy showed up at his house to fingerprint his son and get his account of what happened. Adam’s not keeping too low a profile either, identifying himself by name when he got spotted taking pictures outside of the prison and then confessing what he did to Frannie, who knew enough to tell him to stop talking since she wouldn’t be able to un-hear what he shared. Michael thinks he scored a win with Lee by getting Kofi released, but that’s just drawing too much attention to the case. Kofi going in to see Carlo was a bold move, and I’m curious what his plan is since there will definitely be more collateral damage as this process continues to play out. Charlie was certainly furious enough with being dragged into something illegal, and all these loose ends are going to catch up with him soon.

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