Thursday, December 17, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Flight Attendant (Season Finale)

The Flight Attendant: Season 1, Episode 8 “Arrivals and Departures” (B+)

I’m going to go ahead and label this a season finale rather than a series finale since I’d like to be hopeful that this limited series will in fact return for another round. I do think the ending makes that possible, and there are more than enough threads still open that it could easily continue. I like the way that the dynamic between Miranda and Cassie developed so much to the point that they could mock each other and Miranda would still be motivated to go and do something selfless for the first time in her life. Going after Victor was a smart idea, but that didn’t keep her safe from Felix, who was more than ready to have a knife fight in the elevator. I’m glad that she didn’t get killed but instead managed to escape, while Felix/Buckley revealed just how much he had been following Cassie. Making it seem like he was attacking her at the airport so that she could get away was clever, and going to Enrico for help getting a gun seemed like a solid enough idea. I wouldn’t have expected that Shane would burst through the door with a gun to save the day, nor that he was actually undercover and working as a flight attendant to keep tabs on Megan, who apparently was accidentally spying for North Korea. Annie going in to the FBI office to work with Kim was entertaining, and I’d love to see her get a job with them in a theoretical season two. Having Cassie travel to the room and be there without Alex before smiling as the plane took off was a great way to finish this, and in addition to plenty of awards love, I’m really hoping a season two renewal is on the way soon.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Kaley Cuoco

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