Friday, December 25, 2020

Top 20 New Shows of 2020: #14

My annual TV Awards, the AFT Television Awards, are given out during the summer. It’s always nice to check in midway through the television season to reflect back on all the calendar year introduced us to. As 2020 closes out and 2021 begins, here’s a look back at the best new shows of the year.

My father-in-law is a devoted fan of the original series, and so expectations were high for this reboot/prequel. It might be very different from its predecessor, but the incredible visual artistry at work with the cinematography, costumes, and set design made it worthwhile enough without even considering the dark, brooding storyline and strong performances at its center. A second season is already on the way, which is sure to be just as intriguing. Watch season one now on HBO.

Best Episode: “Chapter Three
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