Friday, December 18, 2020

What I’m Watching: B Positive

B Positive: Season 1, Episode 5 “High Risk Factor” (B+)

This show does a good job of incorporating modern technology into its sitcom plotlines, even if some of its onscreen representation of that looks a bit clunky. It was funny to hear Gina’s assessment of any kind of tracking app as stalking, and she wasn’t too interested in playing his games because she always knew where he was – at home. Putting a phone charger and some apple slices in her purse was a nice sentiment but certainly overbearing, and calling her constantly when she was somewhere he didn’t like or at the wrong time was definitely crossing a line. I enjoyed Norma taking the phone and chewing Drew out for not leaving her alone, and deciding to go skydiving seemed like a great way to bait him into having a panic attack so he might realize that he couldn’t control everything she did. I like that Julia tried to get Drew to relax but then promptly called Gina to chastise her for doing it, only to end up joining her in it. It’s great that she’s such a regular player on this show and that she gets to laugh at what Gina has to deal with now that she’s spending much more time with Drew than she does. Drew’s conversation with Maddie was also endearing, and considerably more realistic than his visible panic when his patient started describing exactly the high level of physical anxiety he was experiencing. There’s no word yet on this show’s future, but it’s slated to return after just two weeks off, and hopefully we’ll get more episodes beyond that.

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