Wednesday, December 2, 2020

What I’m Watching: A Teacher

A Teacher: Season 1, Episode 6 (B)

It didn’t feel like all that much happened over the course of this episode, which isn’t to say that what did was unimportant. Instead of a mass media circus and an arrest being carried out, this news slowly spread as people digested and reacted to it almost entirely as a bad thing. Even Eric’s friends realized that him having an affair with a teacher meant that there was something wrong with her rather than an accomplishment for which he should be praised. Eric wasn’t happy that they were disregarding his feelings towards her, and both he and Claire realized that this was their last chance to get away together, even if their relationship couldn’t possibly last. What surprised me most was Matt’s reaction, which was to forgive Claire and tell her that he was most concerned with supporting her and getting them back to a good place. I assume the willingness to overlook her betrayal is something that’s not going to sit positively with Claire, but she’ll need any ally she can get once she is forced to face the consequences of this decision. Nate was very upset to learn about this and to hear that she didn’t stay put, and I can only imagine he’ll be even angrier once he realizes, if he hasn’t already, that the student she was having an affair with is the same one she asked him to let off the hook at the party. We have four episodes to go, and I assume we’ll get into the impact and aftereffects at the start of the next episode now that she’s turned herself in.

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