Wednesday, December 9, 2020

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 1, Episode 4 “Unfinished Business” (B-)

I don’t often pay attention to ratings since most of the new series that I’ve started watching in recent years air on streaming services that either don’t release or explicitly depend on them. In the case of this show, however, it’s apparently doing quite well, a convenient diversion from reality at the right moment, enough so that an additional six episodes have been ordered, meaning that there’s plenty of this show’s narrative left to cover. It’s hard to know how things are going to be stretched out given that the girls can’t possibly get sent to Canada without introducing an entirely new set of characters and making their fates not look so great. Cassie and Jenny were smart to pursue multiple leads at once, zeroing in on the wrong trucker and planting a tracker on Rick’s cruiser that took them to exactly where they needed to be. Unfortunately, the reason that the shipping container was so well-hidden became clear since the two of them could be standing right on top of where Grace, Danielle, and Jerrie were and not hear them screaming for help. I’m unsure of what Ronald’s endgame was by inviting Merilee to come dancing with him, since I can’t imagine anything good will come of Rick walking up the stairs with a hammer to interrogate his wife. Telling Rick that his mother suspected him of being involved with the disappearance of the girls wasn’t smart either, since all that means is more loose ends for the anger-prone trooper to have to clean up.

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