Sunday, December 27, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Crown

The Crown: Season 4, Episode 8 “48:1” (B+)

It’s been fascinating to watch the way in which Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher have interacted up to this point, and to note how they respond to the reactions they receive from the other. Elizabeth was delighted to share that she enjoys predicting cabinet choices, and Margaret walked away from that initial meeting thinking more highly of the queen than she had expected based on her reputation. In this case, Margaret was determined as usual to get her way, and not interested in hearing a rival opinion that the queen espoused about something which was indeed important. Finding a way to subvert her and get what she thought out into the world for the first time in her life was unexpected, and it didn’t come without consequences, both for their relationship and for the unfortunate scapegoat in all of this who was forced to resign as a result of his directed actions. Opening with a young Elizabeth making her famed promise address was a surprise visit to the past, and it was strange to see Claire Foy again and to note just how similar Olivia Colman’s performance is to hers. One of the more interesting moments of the hour found the three princes interacting on the eve of Prince Andrew’s wedding, discussing the annoying nature of their mother finally expressing a political opinion for the first time. It was Charles, the son we know best, who had the harshest words, and his younger brothers seemed to agree that his remarks were callous, even for him.

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