Thursday, December 10, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Flight Attendant (Penultimate Episode)

The Flight Attendant: Season 1, Episode 7 “Hitchcock Double” (B+)

I was sad to finish this episode and then realize that this limited series has only one more episode left, which is a shame given the complexity of the characters and how much I’d be interested in continuing to explore them for many more hours to come. Maybe a second season will be possible even if it wasn’t planned? I loved how quickly things moved in this episode, with Cassie explaining to a dubious Miranda that she hadn’t done any of what she thought she had, and the two of them becoming allies rather than enemies. I enjoyed her readily admitting everything she had done, including having killed someone as recently as yesterday, when Annie fired off a few questions to make it clear just how impossible immunity would be to secure. Annie deciding to help her may not be that consequential, but it’s good to know that both she and Davey have forgiven Cassie since she can use all the friends she can get. Her response to Miranda dubbing her keeping location services on “amateur hour” was fantastic (“I am an amateur!”), though I don’t think Miranda had expected her breakdown at the AA meeting in the church, complete with her proclamation of “My name is Alessandra and I am not an alcoholic, but my dad may have been.” Miranda paid her a decent compliment by telling her that she begrudgingly respected everything she had managed to pull off so far, and she messed up by dropping the book so that their pursuer could take it. I had assumed that Buckley might have nefarious interests, though it is worth contemplating what his endgame has been since he could have killed or kidnapped Cassie on numerous occasions and chose not to. Megan didn’t do much to try to convince her husband that she wasn’t responsible for planting malware on his computer, and I’m very curious to see what comes of that and if it’s related to everything else.

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