Tuesday, December 29, 2020

What I’m Watching: Shameless Hall of Shame

Shameless Hall of Shame: Episode 1 “Ian and Mickey: Daddy Issues” (B+)

I almost didn’t watch this episode because I hadn’t realized that Showtime was airing the first of six special installments sandwiched in between the regular hours of the final season of the long-running show. I wasn’t even sure if it was something I should be reviewing since it’s mostly not original content, but I’ll take all the “Shameless” I can get. I’m one of those people who used to love clip shows when they aired around the holidays or right before a series finale, and the advent of YouTube and instantly searchable moments doesn’t make me enjoy them any less. This show is a particularly fascinating phenomenon because the actors were all so young when they first started, and each casting decision turned out to be fantastic (though I really would have loved to see Jane Levy continue as Mandy Milkovich, had she not left in season two to star in “Suburgatory”). I knew Noel Fisher, who plays Mickey, from “The Riches” before this, and never would have imagined that he would have such a big role, and Cameron Monaghan, though he was seventeen when the show started, looked so young as Ian compared to the bodybuilding, much more self-assured Ian we see now. It was a blast seeing the montages of the many times Ian and Mickey had sex, both with each other and other people, as well as Mickey swearing incessantly and punching people over and over. I totally forgot that Marguerite Moreau was in season one and loved seeing her sardonically reviewing the security camera footage, and it was also great to see Svetlana completely intimidate Mickey by trying to give him what she thought he wanted. Debating whether Terry or Frank is worse was indeed a difficult dilemma, and Frank has certainly softened in a lot of ways from some of the harsher moments we saw featured in this episode. I will definitely be watching and reviewing these special episodes going forward – I love remembering all the best parts of this show.

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