Sunday, December 20, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Queen’s Gambit (Penultimate Episode)

The Queen’s Gambit: Season 1, Episode 6 “Adjournment” (B+)

There’s always a sense of disappointment that comes with nearing the end of a limited series since the storyline is usually contained and any hope for more of it is minimal at best. I know that this show has been very popular, but I imagine that the narrative arc is relatively contained and meant to be finished in the final episode. What we saw here may be Anya Taylor-Joy’s best work yet, showing her as Benny trained her to be the best in his New York City basement apartment and she turned the tables on him to win game after game after game. But what was most impressive was the way in which she had one drink and then went out on all-out bender in her house that resulted in Beltik coming over to check on her and a last-minute phone call about an impending tournament serving as the only thing to get her somewhat closer back to reality. Having her adoptive father return with no interest in even looking at her and acknowledging any responsibility was a reminder of the fact that she has no choice but to be a free spirit since the support system that existed in her mother is now gone. I’m interested in what Jolene’s return will mean, since Beth is as close as she can be to beating Borgov, almost managing it when she was hung over after a wild night with Cleo. I’m excited to see what the finale brings, which I hope is victory and a satisfying farewell of some sort to Beth.

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