Thursday, July 8, 2010

Emmy Nominees: Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

My predictions: 4/6, picking Goodman and Scott over Slattery and Braugher
Missing: John Goodman, Josh Holloway, Vincent Kartheiser, Campbell Scott

It’s a real shame that John Goodman isn’t here for his fantastic work on “Treme” this past year. The show only received a bid for Best Directing for the pilot, and Goodman and Campbell Scott now join John Mahoney and Blair Underwood in the club of inexplicably omitted men in this category. At least the terrific Martin Short made it in as his show, “Damages,” lost its spot in the Best Drama Series category and had to settle for five acting nominations. Past winner Terry O’Quinn joins costar Michael Emerson, who won last year, to represent departing series “Lost” in this category. Last year’s nominees Aaron Paul and John Slattery are back, despite being outshone by other supporting actors on their show. And then there’s the peculiar case of Andre Braugher, who really can get nominated for anything. He’s infinitely better than his material on TNT’s sagging “Men of a Certain Age,” and somehow he managed to score a nomination. I don’t get it.

Who should win? Short
Who will win? I’d love to say Short, but I don’t think so. With Goodman off the list, it’s probably O’Quinn’s to lose.

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