Friday, July 30, 2010

What I’m Watching: Entourage

Entourage: Season 7, Episode 4 “Tequila Sunrise” (B+)

More so than any other show, I’d say, this series is skilled at doing what might otherwise come off as stunt casting and making it seem natural. Sometimes it isn’t thrilling, in the case of directors like James Cameron or Gus Van Sant whose acting turns out to be rather one-note, but here it works great. John Stamos is certainly more interesting as a character than the other former “Full House” cast member who has recurred on this show in the past, even if he’s not quite as infinitely more likable as would be expected. It’s no surprise that Drama messes up initially in his first meeting with Stamos, but in his defense, Stamos really is just a jerk who only wants to hang out with Vince. It seems like the show might actually get going and Drama might be able to reboot his career. It’s good to put an end to the Eric-Scott rivalry and have them play as a team, though I suspect that their new friendship is going to quickly get Eric in trouble with his fiancée. It’s sad to see Turtle get used just for his connection to Vince, though he may have found an ideal romantic relationship out of it, and Vince can always use another gig to ensure that he doesn’t have an off year like the one he had last season. I find it somewhat hard to believe that Lizzie is able to pull off a coup similar to the one Ari did at Terence’s agency (I doubt she would have the same pull), but the idea of Autumn Reeser in a more major role is definitely something I’d be okay with, so bring on the competition!

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